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3 Reasons Why Your Pup Is In Need Of A Professional Dog Group Training Program

The dog group training programs are special programs designed to make your dogs learn ways to respond in multiple situations. These puppy training classes or dog training programs are led by astute teachers who understand general pet behaviors. Professional dog trainers have years of experience in dog training and understand aspects like loose leash walking, positive reinforcement, potty training and can teach advanced skills through advanced training.

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10 Things to Do the Day Before You Board Your Dog

If you are a dog parent in Louisville, and you are looking for a qualified dog boarding facility to care for your furry friend while you are out of town, contact Ridgeside K9. We take dog boarding very seriously and treat your dog like our own family. We love animals, and it is our pleasure to take care of them just as you would.

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A Dog Owners Guide to Dog Boarding

Whether it is a quick run to the park or you need to hit the gas station, as they say, a dog’s company is the best company. However, it is not always possible to take them everywhere. Sometimes, things don’t work out, be it business trips or a long-awaited holiday.

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