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Frequently Asked Questions

Dog Behavior Training & Boarding

Dog behavior training is essential for pets. Not only does it encourage good behavior, but it saves you from trouble in the long run. Below we answer some questions relating to dog training and behaviors.

Absolutely. Large and small dogs usually learn by the same principles of attention with motivating learning methods. 

Our training programs are easily tailored to the specific dog in front of us. The trainer can fine-tune training progressions to suit the needs of the smallest dogs. 

Just like learning a language takes practice, immersion helps the dog become fluent. After undergoing training for weeks, you will have a better relationship with your dog and be able to enjoy them that much more.

Yes, you can. Age itself doesn’t restrain learning in a canine, and we recommend dog training at all ages. If you have a puppy or a slightly mature dog, enlist for training sooner than later. 

A lack of training often leads to bad habits for the pet parents and the dog. Early training usually sets your dog for success rather than trying to modify bad behavior.

For the first few months after training, it is vital that your dog wears the collar while attended so that you have the resources to correct unwanted behaviors. The collar should not be worn for more than 12-15 hours per day – it can be taken off when sleeping or crated. For more specific questions, please reach out to your trainer. 

Yes! Our facility is staffed and monitored 24/7. 

You will be required to provide food. We like to keep the dogs on the same diet they are used to as it makes acclimating to the facility that much easier and doesn’t cause an upset stomach. Our facility has a refrigerator and a freezer to handle special diets. You may also bring your ecollar and remote, treats, chews, and any medication or supplements. If your dog is a picky eater and you use any kind of food topper, please pack that as well. We will provide bedding for your pup while they are here. We will not take your food and water bowls unless it is a slow/interactive feeder or any kind of bones that can break, splinter, or cause an impaction. No rawhides. 

We post photo updates daily for all boarding, daycare, and training dogs. Photos can be found on Facebook at Ridgeside K9 Colorado. If your dog is boarding or training, you can call or text the facility for updates, questions, or concerns. 

Yes! If your dog is friendly with other dogs, they will participate in playgroups throughout the course of the day while here for boarding. If they are not dog friendly, they will still receive solo playtime with a staff member throughout the day. 

Are you looking for a certified dog trainer? 

Your search for dog training professionals ends here and now. Ridgeside K9 Louisville provides one-on-one behavioral training, obedience training, group classes, weekend classes, and knowledge seminars. 

Whether your dog likes staring at you as you eat food or easily gets bored, we’ll work with you to modify the dog’s behavior. Our programs are thorough, and our sessions are fun and friendly. No dog is too big or too small or too young for us to train. 

Our goal is to ensure your dog develops positive behaviors and rescue skills. Give us a call to discuss your dog training needs and find out how robust training techniques can help your aggressive or fearful dog become more friendly and docile.