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Board and Train

Immersive Dog Board & Training Focusing On Obedience

Puts your dog’s obedience in the express lane under the care of our abled and qualified pet trainers.

Our trainers have worked with thousands of dogs of various breeds. With that experience, we understand how to customize training programs for the needs of you and your dog. We take the time to get to know your dog and what training style works best for them. Just like with people, every dog learns differently and we adjust to your dog. No cookie-cutter training programs. Our trainers truly bond with your dog and care about its success.

What is included in this training?
  • Clean, monitored, and climate-controlled living space for your dog
  • One-on-one training sessions with our experienced trainers
  • Field trips to work in real-world environments
  • Daily updates photos & videos on your dog’s progress
  • Easy access to your trainer via email, phone, and text
  • An extensive go-home session to teach you how to work with your dog and to show you all their new found training

Board and Train Packages / Pricing

Two & Three-Week Off-leash Board and Train Packages (5 months and over)

We focus on – leash obedience, place work, off-leash recall, and cover all aspects of livability, control, and environmental neutrality. Often behavioral issues all come down to confusion and the dog having no idea what the desired behavior is. Teaching the dog impulse control and self-capping drive and teaching the dog how to communicate is critical for long-term success..

Our consultations are free, so let’s discuss the best outcome for your four-legged buddy. Dog aggression is a difficult problem, but most certainly can be solved! 

Pricing: $2800 (14-day immersion program)

This program is for the owner who wants their dog to learn the basics and foundation of dog training. For the owner who wants to be able to walk their dog without being dragged around the neighborhood. For the owner that wants to take their dog on trips, parks, stores and have a well behaved dog. 

Our two week Board and Train is an advanced On-Leash program. We will teach a communication system to your dog and a solid foundation. This program will focus on loose leash heeling, impulse control, and the basic commands. In this program we will take your dog to stores, parks, public places that allow dogs.

We will work your dog in high distraction environments to build a stronger obedience dog. We will also introduce the E-collar and work on eliminating common problem behaviors such as jumping, counter surfing, digging, jumping on the couch, etc. 

This program is for you if you want to be able to walk your dog and have control. In this program we want the dog to perform at home and out in public! We want you to be able to enjoy life with your dog. We want you to bring your dog to places and have a companion!

Pricing: $3300 (21-day immersion program)

Our 3-week world-famous dog training board and train program focus on obedience both on-leash and off-leash, from inside the home to higher distraction areas, such as parks, department stores, beaches, etc. Our Dog trainers focus on real-world dog obedience at all times.

We will give your dog a 100% reliable recall regardless of the environmental distractions. While obedience behavior and tricks are fun, what sets us apart from other trainers is our focus on house manners and everyday lifestyle. Remember that your dog will spend most of its time with you at home. Therefore, we want to make your overall experience with your dog more enjoyable.

We are balanced trainers and utilize all four quadrants of operant conditioning as needed by each individual dog. We start our training in our home, in a very low distraction setting, so that we can build a bond and earn your dog’s trust. After your dog has learned all the commands, we will work on duration, distance and distraction.

From then on we will proof your dog’s training in high distraction settings in order to set them up for success in the real world! This program includes a prong collar* and an E collar (Garmin or educator technologies). Dogs are conditioned and trained with these tools.

*Adult dogs receive a prong collar on an individual basis dependent upon training needs.

*The price includes all training, care, training equipment, and lifetime support for you and the dog.

What's Included In Training?

Board and Train Programs are the base of our dog training business at Ridgeside K9. We offer multiple board and train programs depending on your dog training needs, goals, and issues you may have.

Dog training is about creating habits, we create those with consistency and repetition. Dogs are constantly learning through every interaction, whether you’re training or not. The Board and Train program submerges your dog into a controlled environment to ensure they are learning the behaviors we want them to learn. Not only correcting issues, but providing a good foundation to prevent issues from arising.

Board and train programs provide your dog a clean, and clear training plan. In this program your dog is receiving clear and consistent training and communication. Dog training is nothing more than creating habits. We do that through consistency and repetition. A board and train ensures that consistency with our experienced trainers.

We start out by just getting your dog settled in. During this time we open up a line of communication with your dog and ultimately start to bond with it. Without a bond we have nothing. Once we have a line of communication and understand what motivates your dog, we begin to tackle your dog’s individual needs for training. Throughout the process we slowly challenge your dog by introducing heavier distractions and triggers for your dog.

During training, you can call or text your trainer at any time for any reason. Ridgeside K9 is 100% open and transparent to their clients while their dogs are in our custody. 


Plan for anywhere between 3-4 hours spent with us going over the last 2-3 weeks. Once training Is done we will have what we call a “turnover” at the end of the program. This will include:

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